Hi, I am Jay Markoff Owner and President of
A division of Arturion Inc.
Located in Lemon Grove/San Diego CA

Receive a FREE 2 foot x 16 inch Poster Wall Art Print of your 
Favorite Work of Art, at No Charge!)
Just come on down and either bring Your Artwork we will take a Picture of it (Also No Charge) or take a picture of Your ART (if you don’t already have one) and bring us the Photo File Of Your Art. 

We do this for free, just so you can see that
These aren’t regular Canvas Prints and Posters, they are Absolutely Outstanding! Produced on our Super Color 

12 Print head Color Process (Not the Usual 4 Print head Color Process) Super Wide Color Gamut, Produce Incredible Color and Optical Clarity. Just got to be Seen to be Appreciated!
Come see our 10 1/2 foot wide by 100 foot Mural Printers,
and so much more.
That’s why I am Inviting You Down Here for a
VIP Tour, at my Lemon Grove, San Diego,
Big Photo, Canvas Art, Poster and Sign Printing Factory

3774 Grove Street, Lemon Grove CA, 91945, Suite E
In the Grove St. Enterprise Center Building
I own the building There are about 22 tenants in my building so remember we are located in suite E ground floor.

If you like we will Publish and Sell Reproductions of your Artwork Your Artwork on our Website URAPublishedArtist.com
Call to schedule an appointment (619) 742-4097
Besides our poster printing check out a Canvas Printing!
Remember Toulouse Lautrec became famous Selling Posters.
People will buy your Art on a Poster because they like Your Art
and …a Poster doesn’t Cost Much!
We can put Your Artwork on Posters, sell them to you at very low prices, so when you resell them, you make good money!
Let’s discuss,
Jay Markoff Call to schedule an appointment (619) 742-4097
that is my cell because this is a Personal Invite from me.
1 (619) 613-2929 is the office number for URAPublishedArtist.com

Note: The word Gicle’e (Pronounced “Shick clay”)
is a French Word that means To Squirt!
Like the nozzle of an Inkjet Printer.
Galleries all over the world, use this word, GICLE’E
to refer to A SUPER HIGH QUALITY, 100 Year Archival
Fine Art Print On Canvas,
Stretched over a Wooden Inner Frame.
This Type of Framing is Called “Gallery Wrapped”
No Decorative Outer Frame Ever Needed!.
Click Black Box Below for Gallery Wrapping Definition,
Pictures, Info & Border Options

In Galleries, a Giclee’ will Usually Sell for $700 to $15,000, depending, mostly on the, Fame of the Artist, the Size of the Print, And Desirability of the Artwork and the Quality of the Print
In particular; is the Color Vibrancy Strong and
“Popping off the Canvas”? Like when we do the Printing!!

To Provide Artists from Coast to Coast,
with our Worlds Best Reproduction on Canvas of their Art

To Offer Artists FREE POSTING of their Artwork
on Our Virtual Art Gallery Gallery4CanvasArt.com
A place for Artists to publish their ArtWork for Exhibit and Sale
Gain Recognition And Receive Royaltie$

To Provide Artists with
Unsurpassed 100 Year Archival REPRODUCTIONS
of their Artwork ON CANVAS,
At Wholesale to Artist, low pricing
…so you can resell at a good profit, or just give as a Gift!
You NEVER have to part with your Original Art!

To provide a Virtual Gallery where
Yet To Be Discovered Artists” like yourself, can
Publish and Show their Artwork, Gain Recognition and Make Money!!!
All at NO CHARGE, Posting on our website is absolutely FREE.
Posting on our Gallery, will allow Friends and Relatives to see your Published Art, as well as Thousands More, that will be sent to view your ART when we Advertise your Art , on Your Behalf, to
Potential Art Buyers inviting them, to come and view your Art, on our Public Virtual Gallery… … Gallery4CanvasArt.com

Click Black Box Below for info on:
How to SUBMIT Your Artwork for Posting and Sale
on our Virtual, Open to the Public Art Gallery
Click bellow there and see;
How much Royalty Money we Pay You, each time your Artwork Sells,
What Price we offer your Art at, What Sizes besides the Original size of your Artwork, we can offer Potential buyers.
Click black Box Below.

Click Black Box Below to visit our Artist GALLERY
and envision how proud you would be to have others (Friends, Relatives and Customers) view your Published Artwork. Imagine how great it will be to receive a steady flow of Royalty Checks
from Sales of Your Artwork.
Any questions or problems taking the picture or uploading
your Art File, Please don’t hesitate to call. 1 (619) 613-2929

If You’re not Close by, just upload your ArtWork File below.
If your close by, You can even bring your Original Artwork in to our Lemon Grove Office and we will Photograph it for FREE for
Giclee” Canvas Print Reproduction
and/or Submission to our Public Virtual Art Gallery.
Gallery Submission are Absolutely FREE

NOW … To upload you ArtWork File For FREE POSTING
On Our Gallery
Drag your Art File into the Upload Box
For Free Posting and/or to Request that we Make a Gicle’e (Print on Canvas) for You Click on the Black Button Below and Upload Your File

Doesn’t matter where you are in the United States
we are as close to you as your computer or phone because
Shipping is FREE Anywhere in the Continental United States

Any questions or problems uploading your Art or Photo Art
Please don’t hesitate to call. 1 (619) 613-2929

Below are our Prices especially reduced for Artists and Photographers

Size Up ToGallery
Wrapped Gicle’e
24×18 Most Popular Size$130

We Are Arturion Inc.
Arturion has 3 other Art Related Websites and
one 1 Organization Website You Might want to visit.

Masterpiece Banner.com
for Banners Signs (big as a building or real small), Magnetic Signs, 
Our patented Box Truck Framing Systems and so much more.

Use our EZ Upload Form to Send us that Favorite Photo of Yours
and turn it into a Masterpiece for your wall… 
A Gallery Quality Print On Canvas of Your Favorite Photo.
Re-Produced on the world’s most vivid 12 Color Printer
for Gallery Quality “Gicle’es” Prints on Canvas, at super low Prices.

Find that Great Work of Art on Canvas, Re-Produced on the world’s most vivid 12 color Printer for Gallery Quality “Gicle’e” Prints on Canvas, at super low Prices.
From Not YET Famous Artists, Contemporary Master Artists, Old Masters and more.
Got A favorite Subject?
We can show you a great selection and almost any subject please tell us your favorite subject 
Here are some examples of subjects Any Sport, Golf, Baseball, Tennis, Billiards, Boxing, Bowling
Or subject; Aviation, Motorcycle, Music Jazz, Trumpet, Piano; 
Please tell us Your Favorite Subject and we will send you FREE ART that you can select from and then (if You Like) have us make you a Gallery Quality “Gicle’e” Print on Canvas, for your wall at super low Prices. 
Click Here to Email us your favorite subject and receive
FREE Art Samples to select From.
Be sure to include your subject, and also phone if you would like us to call You.